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DANIELE PANTANO is a Swiss poet, translator, critic, and editor born of Sicilian and German parentage in Langenthal (Canton of Berne). His individual poems, essays, and reviews, as well as his translations from the German by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Georg Trakl, and Robert Walser, have appeared or are forthcoming in numerous magazines, journals, and anthologies worldwide. Pantano’s poetry has been translated into several languages, including German, Albanian, Bulgarian, Kurdish, and Farsi. His most recent works include The Possible Is Monstrous: Selected Poems by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, The Oldest Hands in the World, Oppressive Light: Selected Poems by Robert Walser (all from Black Lawrence Press, 2010-12), as well as Mass Graves (XIX-XXII) and Mass Graves: City of Now (both from Knives, Forks and Spoons Press, 2011-12). Pantano has taught at the University of South Florida and served as the Visiting Poet-in-Residence at Florida Southern College. He divides his time between Switzerland, the United States, and England, where he’s Reader in Poetry and Literary Translation and Director of Creative Writing at Edge Hill University. For more information, please visit
Contemporary Literature & Non-Fiction
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"Much the way Dürrenmatt himself reclaims in verse the psyche of the Minotaur from the ancient labyrinth, so Daniele Pantano brings down from the Alps and the secret land of bank vaults the poetry of Switzerland’s most important writer of the twentieth century."
      James Reidel
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"A romantic with a sharp intelligence, Pantano gives us poems where heart and mind move together as on a verbal bicycle built for two."
      —Billy Collins
“These poems show the quality we have now come to call visionary. This is a voice that sees itself as if from another planet, with clarity, and impartiality of view that is remarkable and, often, devastating."
      Ilya Kaminsky