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Larry Matsuda was born in the Minidoka, Idaho War Relocation Center during World War II.  He and his family along with 120,000 Japanese and Japanese Americans were held in ten concentration camps without a crime and without due process for approximately three years. His poems appear in Poets Against the War website, The Raven Chronicles, New Orleans Review, Floating Bridge Press, Cerise Press and the International Examiner Newspaper. He lives with his wife, Karen, and son, Matthew in Seattle, Washington and is a consultant presently helping to re-design schools as better physical learning environments. He was a junior high language arts teacher and Seattle School District administrator and principal for twenty-seven years.
Contemporary Literature & Non-Fiction
ISBN 978-0-9826364-0-4 $14.00
“Just as Elie Wiesel spoke for the survivors of the Holocaust, Dr. Matsuda in simple, elegant, and heartbreaking poetry gives voice to the silent generations.”
             —Barry Grosskopf
AUDIO: Click here to listen to a recording of Larry reading a poem from A Cold Wind From Idaho titled "War on Terror - Border Crossing."