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"David Rigsbee's School of the Americas resonates far beyond its fine title poem into a school most of us at a certain age have attended. That is, a school of romance and loss marked by history itself, and a series of dramatic events both minor and majorpop culture and that culture not too far above itthat we aspire to. Rigsbee meditates and enlarges these personal poems with an ease of literary reference and humor, and his characteristic intelligence. A fine book, indeed." 
Stephen Dunn

"These are beautifully crafted poems, thoughtful and probing, the language and images beautiful, arresting, and memorable. Few other poets so powerfully capture both the ignorant cruelty and profound love we bear one another."
Peter Makuck

Spotlight Book:
School of the Americas
by David Rigsbee

ISBN: 978-0-9837945-0-9    $14.00
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 Praise for THE TIDE KING by Jen Michalski
2011 Big Moose Prize Winner

The Tide King is a boldly conceived novel about immorality, but it doesn't read as fantasy. There's room here for lovers of realism, too. These characters hurt the way all of us mortals do. Michalski has a great ability to describe magical events in plain, relatable language, and to use her exciting premise as a lens through which to explore both the sweep of history and the personal sadness of time passing."
Justin Kramon

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The Big Moose Prize
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